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Mia Productions

Maryanne Zéhil

Nathalie Coupal

Joseph Antaki

Production company

MIA PRODUCTIONS is an independent, Montreal-based production company that makes primarily feature-length documentaries and fictional films.

Founded in 2000 by producer, director, screenwriter and writer Maryanne Zéhil, the mission of Mia Productions is to produce films that stand out for their powerful, thought-provoking material and high quality. Its main priority is to bring cultures together.

Following Le Prix, a Kafkaesque short completed in 2004, delving into the impenetrable labyrinths of the bureaucracy, Mia Productions produced De ma fenêtre, sans maison…, starring Louise Portal, a feature about the poignant reunion of a mother and daughter after 17 years apart, lucidly describing the role thrust upon Middle Eastern women: motherhood. After being screened as the closing film of the Rendez-vous du cinéma Québécois in 2006, De ma fenêtre, sans maison… was subsequently seen at numerous international festivals and film events, eventually being released in Lebanon in 2010, where it was warmly received by the press and public.

La Vallée des larmes is the second feature film produced by Mia Productions. It attempts to shed light on the responsibilities of mothers who send their sons to their death. Shot on location in Lebanon and Montreal, the film benefited from the work of an exceptional crew, including cinematographer Pierre Mignot.

Mia Productions is currently organizing financing for its next feature, L’Autre côté de novembre, and has two other projects in development.

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